Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm Back!!

Try not to get too excited, but I am going to start up our blog again!! I want to be able to keep our family and friends updated on what Sutton is doing day to day and let them be able to see his pictures!

I will be going back to work on November 4th and I am so excited to be back although I am not so excited to leave Sutton! I went today to get my schedule for that week! It was definitely wierd thinking about getting back in the swing of things of work, but I miss the girls so much!!

Sutton is doing wonderful! We went to the doctor this past Wednesday for his two month well check even though he was only 6.5 weeks. I wanted him to get over his shots before I went back to work! He was 11 lbs 8 oz and was 23 inches long. He is growing like a weed!! He looks more and more like Brad every day!

Brad has fallen in love with his son! I know he can't wait until he gets to the "playing" stage! I think he will enjoy him so much more when they can laugh at one another! Brad will be turning 30 next week and I will be 29! Oh my we are getting old!!

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful child! He truly was sent to us from above!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some Pictures Finally!

I went to the doctor today and everything is great with Sutton! He is in the 70th percentile for his weight! The placenta has fixed itself so we are no longer in danger of having to have a c-section. I still have not gained any weight, which I am treasuring for the moment!

I finally have pictures of me and my big belly, Brad's new car and Sutton's room. Keep in mind his room is NO WHERE near being done, but you will get the idea!

And no, I am not sticking my stomach out! That is just how it is!

The new car! He loves it, of course when my mom asked him if he liked it better than his truck he said, "I don't know we'll see." This is his room! We love it! We still need to paint stripes on the red wall, put the dresser in the room and hang the picture frames on the wall, but it is getting there!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Little Mishap

I have been absolutely horrible about updating this blog for all of our family and friends. So Sorry!! A LOT has been happening in the last month or so!

We have started working on Sutton's room. My mom and dad came to paint his room several weekends ago. They will never know how greatful we are that they did that! I think my dad wanted to quit several times during the process of painting the red on the wall but anything for his precious grandson, right dad?!?! Sutton's room is now complete with his bed, bedding and a rug, but needs the rest of the furniture put in it and the frames on the wall. My camera is dead and charging, but I will post pictures soon.

The same weekend that my parents were here, we had some excitement Saturday night. (You will now understand the picture at the top of this blog) Brad called me on his way home from work at 11:00 at night in the pouring rain to tell me that he had just gotten in a wreck. He was hit by a 16 year old ( well, he hit her, but it was her fault) and it totaled his beloved truck! Now, for all of you that know Brad, that truck was his dream truck and he HATED to see it go! But I think it was time. Truth be told, I think the last bumper that was put on it two months before was the fourth bumper put on that truck. So, it was time to let it go. We bought him a new Explorer and just picked it up last night! Brad loves his new car, and will come around soon to not having a pick up! I tried my hardest not to sway his decision one way or the other, but you all know me! We didn't get home until 11:30 last night or else I would have posted pictures of the new car, but those will come later as well.
Sutton is moving around like crazy!! He is kicking, moving and have the hiccups constantly. We are going to have to figure out his sleeping habits though, because when I am moving around he is sleeping and when I am ready for bed that is when he ready to move about. I guess welcome to motherhood huh?
Well, that is really about all of the excitement in our lives. Hopefully everyone is doing wonderful! Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there on Sunday! We are all so blessed by you!
Brad and Michelle

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Rainy Day

Hi everyone!!

First I have to say a VERY SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MADELINE PAIGE!!! We love you so much and are so proud of you! We hope you have a wonderful 6th birthday!

It has been a BUSY past few weeks at our house! We had our 16 week appointment with our doctor two Thursdays ago, and we found out we are having a....

Well, first here is a picture of me and our doctor

WEll, do you think it's a girl or a boy?

It's a BOY!!!!

That's right, we are having a boy! The appointment before that the doctor said he thought it was a girl, but I guess we just had a late bloomer! HA HA!! I still had not gained any weight, but I am sure that will catch up with me soon after all that we have eaten the last couple of weeks!

His name will be Sutton Kyle Phillips. I have ALWAYS wanted my little boy to be named Sutton and after much harassment Brad agreed to the name! His middle name is after Brad's friend from college that was killed in an accident while they were in college. Brad still misses Kyle today and we talk about him often.

During Spring Break we took a short trip to see Madeline, Macy, Brad and Danielle in Fort Worth and had the BEST time with them. Thank you guys so much for letting us come hang out with you all. We need to come see you more often! Sutton's Aunt D had already spoiled him before we even got there and could start shopping for him! She had already bought him 5 outfits!! Macy and Madeline were so excited to show us all of his new clothes!

Saturday Brad and I got to spend some time just with Macy and that was so nice! I don't think that has happened since she was born. We love you Macy girl, even if you only eat junk food! :) While we were spending time with Macy, Brad and Danielle took Madeline to see High School Musical the play. It was a surprise for her birthday and she had a BLAST!!

On Monday of Spring Break we went to see Brad's parents in El Reno. We had a great time with them although it was too short a time. They are building a house 3 streets from their current house and we always like to go see the progress on the new house. We can't wait until you are in that new house!!

We spent Tuesday with my mom, shopping of course and just hanging out. That evening we went to dinner for my mom's birthday with my parents and brother and sister in law JE and Katie and nephew Austen. It was supposed to be a surprise for my mom until I asked her what her plans were for the evening and she said she was going to dinner with her friends. Apparently she told my dad the same thing that morning and he broke it to her that I was planning a dinner and she better break her plans!

We also found out that Brad's sister and her husband Nick and Jennifer are moving to Connecticut. Nick leaves this Sunday and Jennifer will be staying until the end of the school year. We will miss you guys so much and hope you move back soon, but we can't wait to come up and see you all!

It has been a crazy few weeks, but we are loving spending so much time together! We are looking forward to start working on Sutton's room. You know me the planner, I have had it planned for years, and am so excited to see it come together!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A boring couple of weeks...

Hi everyone!! It's been a few weeks, so I just thought I would stop in and say hi! Brad and I have our 2nd doctor's appointment on Monday and we can't wait. I am at the awkward stage that I can't wear any maternity clothes yet, but my normal pants are TIGHT!!! Not my favorite stage, I feel like I just look fat. But as I keep telling my mom, I haven't even gained a pound yet! I am quite proud of myself can you tell?

We haven't had much going on around our house! Tons of excitement yesterday with all of the tornadoes in OKC. I kept calling my mom to make sure she was ok, and she kept telling me she had to get off the phone, because she was in their safe room, the bathroom. Not exactly what you want to hear, but she was safe and sound. We are keeping all of the families that lost their houses or friends and family members in our prayers.

We will update you on what the doctor has to say on Monday! Talk to you all then...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's a Cold Day Here

Brad and I have not been up to much the past week! We did have our first doctor appointment on Monday the 19th. The baby was 1.48 cm, crazy how small that is!! It's heartbeat was 158 bpm which the doctor claimed made it a girl, but I guess we will find out soon enough. We got a few ultra sound pictures which didn't show much but a blurb, but we did get one 3D ultra sound picture and it is crazy how clear you can see the baby with arms, legs already. I will try to upload the pictures tomorrow. Our official due date is September 2nd, which seems so far away!! I feel great so far!! If I do feel sick it is at night, but as long as I eat a little something when I feel it coming on I am just fine. I do still have some cramping like menstrual cramps, but the doctor said that was totally normal and should go away in a few weeks!

The weekend before our appointment I was off and Brad was working so I made an unexpected trip to my parents in OKC. I got to see my precious nephew Friday and Saturday and Madeline and Macy came over on Saturday. It was too short of a time to see them all but I got to see them and that is all that mattered. I love those kids like they are my own and we have so much fun playing. I love you guys and can't wait to see you soon!

Brad's parents came the day after our appointment to help Brad fix his truck. Brad got in a wreck SEVERAL months ago, and we have both just never had the time to find a bumper or get his truck fixed, but his parents came to the rescue. It took Brad and his dad ALL day to fix it but it looks AWESOME!! I lost Brad in traffic the other day because his bumper looked just like everyone elses. Thank you so much to Bill and Barbara for taking the time to find the parts and come up here to fix it!! You don't know how much we appreciate it!! And a special thank you to Barbara for doing every bit of our laundry that day and even ironing our clothes!! That was much appreciated!!

I have gotten a wonderful unexpected day off of work today because of the weather!! It is so cold and I don't think I could bare to go outside, but luckily I don't have too!! Our company closed our store early yesterday and early today before I even had to go in and I am off the next two days for my regular days off! It is going to be so nice!! All I seemed to get done today was take a nap, so hopefully I can take advantage of the next two days and get our house cleaned!!

Hope everyone is doing wonderful! Stay warm and stay safe!! Our next appointment is on February 16th, but I will keep you updated before then.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And Now for the REAL Reason This Blog Was Started

Well, I can now tell you why Brad and I decided to start this blog. We wanted to be able to keep our family and friends updated about our PREGNANCY!! That's right, Brad and I are expecting our first baby!! We are so excited!!

We found out Christmas morning at 6:00 am. That's right...Christmas Eve night under the cover of having to go get my brother some migraine medicine we went to Walgreen's and while we were there we picked up the wonderful home pregnancy test. After reading the instructions thoroughly I decided to take the test in the morning. At 6:00 I couldn't sleep any longer so I decided to just do it. Much to my surprise it was positive. I decided not to wake up Brad, only because our niece was sleeping in the room with us, so after 2 VERY LONG hours he finally woke up and I told him the news!! He was precious!! Needless to say, we were both very shocked but so excited all at the same time.

Of couse me being me I couldn't wait to tell anyone and Brad being Brad he had to take one more test to know for sure! So on Christmas day poor Brad was sitting in the Walgreen's parking lot waiting for them to open at 9:00. Needless to say that one was positive too.

We told my parents that morning when we were all opening presents. I stuck a note in a sack disguised as a present and of course the second she opened it she started crying. (Hince the picture at the top of the page) Then my sister in law Danielle turned to me and said, "Are you pregant?"

At Brad's parents house it takes a while to open presents and Brad could not take it anymore because his mom kept not picking up the one present he wanted her to open so finally he said, "Hey mom open that sack right there!" I think Bill and Barabara were the most shocked of everyone. They will be first time grandparents, but I think they are very excited too!
We are so excited to start a family together and can't wait to meet our new child, although we have a LONG time to wait! Please keep us in your prayers!