Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A boring couple of weeks...

Hi everyone!! It's been a few weeks, so I just thought I would stop in and say hi! Brad and I have our 2nd doctor's appointment on Monday and we can't wait. I am at the awkward stage that I can't wear any maternity clothes yet, but my normal pants are TIGHT!!! Not my favorite stage, I feel like I just look fat. But as I keep telling my mom, I haven't even gained a pound yet! I am quite proud of myself can you tell?

We haven't had much going on around our house! Tons of excitement yesterday with all of the tornadoes in OKC. I kept calling my mom to make sure she was ok, and she kept telling me she had to get off the phone, because she was in their safe room, the bathroom. Not exactly what you want to hear, but she was safe and sound. We are keeping all of the families that lost their houses or friends and family members in our prayers.

We will update you on what the doctor has to say on Monday! Talk to you all then...

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