Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Rainy Day

Hi everyone!!

First I have to say a VERY SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MADELINE PAIGE!!! We love you so much and are so proud of you! We hope you have a wonderful 6th birthday!

It has been a BUSY past few weeks at our house! We had our 16 week appointment with our doctor two Thursdays ago, and we found out we are having a....

Well, first here is a picture of me and our doctor

WEll, do you think it's a girl or a boy?

It's a BOY!!!!

That's right, we are having a boy! The appointment before that the doctor said he thought it was a girl, but I guess we just had a late bloomer! HA HA!! I still had not gained any weight, but I am sure that will catch up with me soon after all that we have eaten the last couple of weeks!

His name will be Sutton Kyle Phillips. I have ALWAYS wanted my little boy to be named Sutton and after much harassment Brad agreed to the name! His middle name is after Brad's friend from college that was killed in an accident while they were in college. Brad still misses Kyle today and we talk about him often.

During Spring Break we took a short trip to see Madeline, Macy, Brad and Danielle in Fort Worth and had the BEST time with them. Thank you guys so much for letting us come hang out with you all. We need to come see you more often! Sutton's Aunt D had already spoiled him before we even got there and could start shopping for him! She had already bought him 5 outfits!! Macy and Madeline were so excited to show us all of his new clothes!

Saturday Brad and I got to spend some time just with Macy and that was so nice! I don't think that has happened since she was born. We love you Macy girl, even if you only eat junk food! :) While we were spending time with Macy, Brad and Danielle took Madeline to see High School Musical the play. It was a surprise for her birthday and she had a BLAST!!

On Monday of Spring Break we went to see Brad's parents in El Reno. We had a great time with them although it was too short a time. They are building a house 3 streets from their current house and we always like to go see the progress on the new house. We can't wait until you are in that new house!!

We spent Tuesday with my mom, shopping of course and just hanging out. That evening we went to dinner for my mom's birthday with my parents and brother and sister in law JE and Katie and nephew Austen. It was supposed to be a surprise for my mom until I asked her what her plans were for the evening and she said she was going to dinner with her friends. Apparently she told my dad the same thing that morning and he broke it to her that I was planning a dinner and she better break her plans!

We also found out that Brad's sister and her husband Nick and Jennifer are moving to Connecticut. Nick leaves this Sunday and Jennifer will be staying until the end of the school year. We will miss you guys so much and hope you move back soon, but we can't wait to come up and see you all!

It has been a crazy few weeks, but we are loving spending so much time together! We are looking forward to start working on Sutton's room. You know me the planner, I have had it planned for years, and am so excited to see it come together!

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