Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some Pictures Finally!

I went to the doctor today and everything is great with Sutton! He is in the 70th percentile for his weight! The placenta has fixed itself so we are no longer in danger of having to have a c-section. I still have not gained any weight, which I am treasuring for the moment!

I finally have pictures of me and my big belly, Brad's new car and Sutton's room. Keep in mind his room is NO WHERE near being done, but you will get the idea!

And no, I am not sticking my stomach out! That is just how it is!

The new car! He loves it, of course when my mom asked him if he liked it better than his truck he said, "I don't know we'll see." This is his room! We love it! We still need to paint stripes on the red wall, put the dresser in the room and hang the picture frames on the wall, but it is getting there!


  1. Love it! Love the car, love the belly and LOVE THE ROOM! -- See you soon!

  2. Your belly is not big AT ALL...NOT FAIR!! Love the room, can't wait to see it finished. Nice car too...I bet Brad is loving it. Does he let you drive it?